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Easy Backend High degree of automation for high efficiency
Company Rates Save up to 95% of your booking expenses
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Fast Bookings

Booking flights with eWings.com is straightforward easy, fast, and transparent.

Customize Fares

Customizing airfares can be nerve-racking. That is why we introduced Cherry Picker, an easy to use tool that helps you to identify the extras you need - like additional baggage or the option to rebook free of charge.

Sort flights by stress

Short flights, low prices and if possible no stop-overs.

Avoid extra charges

Our transparent booking process works without hidden charges. There is no Lufthansa DCC fee.

Combine airlines freely

Even the best airline might not always be able to offer round-trips that meet your requirements. We automatically suggest round-trips and one ways from different carriers.

No payment fees

With SEPA direct debit.

Automatic check-in

Traveling the Schengen area, we can check-in your passengers automatically.

Company fares

With eWings.com you get access to negotiated fares for companies.


AirPlus is seamlessly integrated into eWings.com.

More than 700 airlines

Over 700 Airlines and 107.000 daily flights with negotiated fares and all trains of Deutsche Bahn.

No Stress: unique algorithm

We're offering the fastest award winning flight booking process in the industry. You can lookup, compare, book and manage flights in a fraction of the time it took in the past. You can compare ALL flights of a given itinerary in a split second. With all your payment and invoice details present, booking a flight for you or your colleagues is a matter of seconds now.

Origin and Destination
Run a search by entering origin and destination and dates.
See the timezone on your origin and your destination.
Add a Return Flight
Add a return flight with the same airports or from another origin.
Stress Minimizer
We sort flights by "Stress" - a combination of price, duration, departure, stop-overs and airlines.
Prices and Duration
You can see and compare prices and flight times on each row.
Information Design
Flights are arranged on a time table which helps you to identify the best choice in a split second.
Deutsche Bahn
Sometimes you're better off by taking the train. Trains of Deutsche Bahn appear in the time table along flights.

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Simple rebooking

Cancel or rebook flights online by simply clicking a button.

Customer Service

You can reach our customer service at +49 (0) 30 577 0 16 16

Ticket Overview

With each booking you get a ticket with all necessary informations as PDF.

iCal and Outlook

For every booking you receive an iCal file for Outlook or Apple's iCal.

Rebooking across airlines

We can rebook flights across airlines.

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Standardised Accounting

Bookings of employees or of your travel manager go directly to your accounting department - including a cost center. Automated payment and billing.

Self-Service for Employees

Employees can also book flights themselves. Simply assign booking-rights through profiles, and retain control as administrator. Especially frequent fliers can be suitable for such an upgrade. This tool enables you to redirect work where it makes sense.


Build and download exact reports that will give you valuable insights into long-term developments or controlling expenses.

Standardised invoices

You get your invoices automatically, they are transparent and VAT deductible.

Seat preferences

For every employee you can add such details as seat preference, bonus card, birthday, and booking privileges.

Different addresses

You can add different addresses for invoicing.

Bonus cards

For every employee you can add all bonus cards from 90 airlines.

Payment methods

Each address can have different payment methods.

Archive for all bookings

You can access all bookings in the past.

Cost Centers

You can add cost center at every booking, which appears on the invoice. You can also select from previous ones too.

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Calculate your savings compared to your current solutions

1) How many flights does your company book per month?

2) How do you book those flights?

3 100 200 300 400 500

  • Does not offer you to cancel your booking in the next 2 hours
  • Most likely no SEPA or AirPlus
  • No project numbers or cost centers on invoices
  • Credit card fees are almost impossible to avoid
  • Access most likely via telephone or email only
  • No overview over your bookings
  • No super cool timetable interface while booking
  • Booking takes longer than 45 seconds
  • Most likely no SEPA or AirPlus
  • No combinations of airlines at round trips
  • Annoying upselling like hotels and insurances
  • You most likely get charged Credit Card fees
Estimated savings per year:

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Free Supervisor Account
Bookings < 5 bookings / month unlimited
Hotline 50 € / transaction for free
Subaccounts 8 € / account 8 € / account
Free 99 € / month

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