Discover how top customers utilize for a more productive life offers a very clear and easy view on prices and dates - booking a flight only takes some seconds with

Tim Schäfer, Marketing Westwing Home Living GmbH

I like and working with your website. It’s very convenient to work with and makes my working life easier.

Kerstin Taege, Sales Assistant ecom instruments GmbH

I'm a huge fan of the stress minimizer. With that kind of sorting I can book a flight in less than 45 seconds.

Erik Pfannmöller, Board

No hidden fees, fast, easy and very good looking.

Fast and uncomplicated, cancel bookings within two hours.

Thumbs up, I can select seat preferences and the most important conditions are easily readable.

Fast combinations of Air Berlin and Lufthansa possible.

People tend to compare prices for flight bookings a lot. That takes time, which I don't have. With you guys, I'm sure to get the best possible price.

Dirk Graber, CEO

Meetings get rescheduled all the time. Flight bookings add up to complicated working itineraries. Having the option to rebook a flight without extra charges helps in getting to my meetings just in time.

Alexander Brand, CEO

Great website layout, easy and fast booking.

Good sorting of flight, fast booking, easy to use interface.

Super fast.

Good overview, fast and easy flight booking.

Good Price, easy booking.

With easyJet now, perfect.

Booking process is super easy.

Couldn't find your flights on other websites, perfect service.

Fast and easy to use.

Really good user interface, simple and elegant.

I like the speed to book a flight.

The interface is clean and the booking super easy.

Perfect, I can book two flights at the same time.

I'm very happy with Is very helpful on my trips. is my angel.

Johann Helbling, Systems Architect Dream IT GmbH

Booking flights with a great market overview just got a lot simpler. Thanks to the sleek user interface and great conditions offered by the good folks at

Hendrik Franco da Cruz

The process of booking with is quick and easy. We save quite a lot of money with eWings. The 2 hours cancelling policy is great.

Maren Mittentzwey, Personal Assistant Nieto Sobejama Arquitectos GmbH has considerably decreased the time we spend on flight booking. I would guess that we now spend less than 30% of the time we used to use. Also, we receive EURO invoices for all flights regardless of airline, which facilitates in-house accounting tremendously. The feature of “known passengers” is also highly appreciated as well as the fact that the company credit card details are saved so that we do not have to re-enter them every time we book a flight. Basically I can now book the perfect flight with about 6 or 7 mouse clicks. It’s really time-saving and easy. I'm glad we tried it and management went for it.

Liane Int-Veen, Assistentin der Geschäftsführung HIB Huber Integral Bau GmbH

I truly love the booking experience and the opportunity to cancel a flight within the first two hours for free - since plans too often change just right after having pressed the "Buy"-button. Even if something goes wrong, the customer care provided by is outstanding. No long queues with boring music and really, really helpful agents who go the extra mile to serve their customer. All in all I can absolutely recommend to anybody who flies regularly.

Dirk Freise, Partner Shortcut Ventures GmbH makes booking flights unprecedentedly easy. No missing invoices, confusing pricing and extra charges, no redirects to other booking platforms. I have never used a tool that makes something existing so much easier.

Daniel Barke, Director Mylittlejob

The user interface, the implementation, the layout, the simplicity, everything looks really good to me, way better than other websites I used to use before. As well, your customer care to me as business traveler has been really good.

Leonardo Lanni, QA Lead

Flight booking in our firm used to be a little annoying – no value add, basically an administrative process: A booking request to our office manager who would then ask our business travel agency to come up with suggestions etc. All this is so much easier, simpler and cheaper with

Michael Wieser, Senior Investment Manager High-Tech Gruenderfonds Management GmbH

Everything is very good.

Easy and fast.

Very fast pace of booking.

With extra luggage. Easy online or offline. Perfect.

Everything was so super fast.

WOW, progress here. Rebooking and seat preferences. I'm surprised.

The interface is very good and the booking super fast and easy.

Love you guys.

Super easy and super fast.

Everything is awesome.


Dear ewings team, booking flights became really joyful now. Thanks for the great work.

Including my favourite class at Germanwings, perfect.

Fast, uncomplicated and clear prices.

Good as always.


Very fast.

Good job pals, well done.

My first booking, I needed to get used to it, but it worked.

Very good interface.

Hotline Support perfect.

The timetable is awesome, fast booking without ads.

The interface is good.

I just love you guys.

Fast and cheap.