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Access airlines’ net fares, no hidden fees - fair play.
8 Euro / month (starting at 39 Euro for businesses).

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Easy and Fast

We thrive to have the most simple and fast booking process in the industry.

Smart Algorithm

Flights are sorted by stress.
A combination of price, duration and stop-overs.

Entire Fleets

Book flights of 700 Airlines, 107,000 flights per day. Negotiated fares.
Best price guaranteed.

No Piracy

No credit card charges,
no scam, no up-selling,
no hidden costs - fair play.

eWings.com is nominated for the UX Design Award 2015 at the IFA in Berlin on September the 5th.

eWings.com PRIME

Imagine the comfort of having the full control over your flight booking itinerary regardless of the airline. Imaging the soothing feeling of beeing always sure to have the best price. And now imaging having all this and still saving real money, with every booking.

Make it real and join eWings.com PRIME.

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Fastest flight booking in the world

We love superlative. We love perfection. Our target: The fastest booking process in the industry. What we achieved: Flight bookings within 45 seconds. How that works? We have the best software on the market. Try it today!

No Stress: unique algorithm

We're offering the fastest award winning flight booking process in the industry. You can lookup, compare, book and manage flights in a fraction of time it took in the past. You can compare ALL flights of a given itinerary in a split second. With all your payment and invoice details present, booking a flight for you or your colleagues is matter of seconds.

Combine airlines the clever way

Flying the first leg Lufthansa and British on the return? Sometimes the airline’s round-trip-combinations aren’t the best alternative for your requirements. eWings.com PRIME automatically suggests you also round-trip-combinations with different carriers. This helps you being more flexible with your appointments and sometimes saves you even money.

The best price. Guaranteed.

With eWings.com PRIME you get the airlines’ net fares. We negotiate prices with all major airlines daily. You can rest assure that we try hard to have the best availabilities and prices for you. 700+ airlines, 107,000 flights daily - including low-cost-carriers.

Free cancellations. Just a click

Oops you clicked to fast or the meeting was cancelled right after you booked? With eWings.com PRIME you can cancel your booking within the first two hours for free. Always informed: Before booking a flight you see the refund in case you have to cancel the flight.

We care for you - call us

Our experienced team of travel experts answers your questions and helps you in emergencies.

+49 30 577 01 16 16
Mo - Fr. 8am - 8pm (CET / CEST)

No hidden fees - promised

You wonder why often you end up paying more for your flight booking than you have thought in the first place. The simple answer, somehow our competitors have to earn money while they advertise their flight bookings via Kayak, Skyscanner and Co. But in the end you know who is paying the toll. You are. Not with us. We earn 8 Euros per month and we're happy with that. If you're frequent flyer (6 flights per year) you're going to safe a lot of money in credit card fees, hidden service fees, extra charges or unwanted insurances.

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